Everyone loves Mo:Mos in Kathmandu. It’s a love that dares speak its name over and over again.

I have heard about this great Mo:Mo place at Durbarmarg for a long time, but finally, I went there with my colleagues for lunch today. I ordered a bowl of Buff Mo:Mo Cha with Jhol Achar for myself. Le Trio’s Mo:Mo Cha is outstanding! The bowl of tangy Jhol Achar (soup) made with sesame, coriander, tomatoes and spices is amazing. A simply superb Mo:Mo in the city.

The Mo:Mo submerged in amazing soup is a divine bite, with the perfect flavor to juiciness ratio. You have to do a little bit of work to get the whole Mo:Mo into your mouth but it’s oh so worth it.

I will definitely go back there again!